Thursday, March 9

9:30-11:00 Undergraduate Poster Session

  1. Caila Dela Cruz: “The Works of Liliane Atlan: Rethinking the way we think about and teach the Holocaust”
  2. Adam Guidarini: “Translating Pievepelago During the Second World War”
  3. Diana Helwink: “Comparing Nabokov’s Spring in Fialta and Gazdanov’s Evening With Claire
  4. Zoie Meyers: “Post-Nazi German Discourses of “Foreignness” in Film and Popular Media”
  5. Aletia Rebollar: “Discourse Sensitive Clitic-doubled dislocations in Heritage Spanish”
  6. Priya Thakkar: “The Effect of Light Spectrum on Reading Times and Comprehension.”
  7. Bernadette Wilczek: “Reading Bruno Schulz’s ‘Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass’ as a Politically Engaged Text”

10:45-12:00 Gravity and Levity/Surface and Depth

  1. John Ireland (French): Representing Holocaust Pain as Humor: Jean-Claude Grumberg’s The Workroom
  2. Margaret Miner (French): Grave Anxiety
  3. Heidi Schlipphacke (Germanic Studies): Constituting the Modern Psyche: Surface and Depth in Ludwig Tieck’s Fairy Tale The Blond Eckbert

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:15 Networks and Constellations

  1. Paris Papamichos Chronakis (Classics and Mediterranean Studies): From the solitary survivor to the networked self: A digital reconstruction of Holocaust social networks
  2. Abigail Stahl (Language and Culture Learning Center): Delphine, ou la Nouvelle Héloïse? (Re)visualizing the French Epistolary Novel
  3. Adrian Chubb (Germanic Studies): Whose truth is it anyway? Images of memory and identity in Benjamin Stein’s Die Leinwand (The Canvas)

2:30-3:45 Linguistic Representation

  1. Susanne Rott (Germanic Studies): Using Internet sources for a writing assignment: The complex interaction between reading strategies, text structure, and working memory
  2. Kara Morgan-Short (Hispanic Studies): Attention to form and second language comprehension: A multi-site replication and extension
  3. Xuehua Xiang (Linguistics): Multimodal Interaction in the Chinese Marketplace

4:15 Keynote Address

“Resilience in Language and Gesture”

Susan Goldin-Meadow, University of Chicago

(Daley Conference Room)

Friday March 10

10:30-11:45 Creation and Authorship

  1. Tatjana Gajic (Hispanic Studies): Maria Zambrano and European Violence
  2. Jessica Smietana (French):
  3. Ellen McClure (French): Mocking Idolatry in Molière’s Cocu imaginaire

12:00-1:15 Lunch

1:30-2:45 Filmic Representations

  1. Steven Marsh (Hispanic Studies): Measure, Unmeasure, Intermediality and the Infrathin in Two Films from 1968
  2. Sara Hall (Germanic Studies): Inspectors, Spokespersons, and Stars: Representing a Contested Criminal Justice System on the Weimar Cinema Screen
  3. Imke Meyer (Germanic Studies): Michael Goes to Hollywood: Uncanny Children in Haneke’s White Ribbon

3:00-4:15 Representation, Politics, and Community

  1. Gabriel Riera (Hispanic Studies): Aristotle’s Revenge: Rancière and Deleuze, or representation & non-representation
  2. Andrzej Brylak (Slavic and Baltic): National Exercises in Suffering: John Paul II Pastoral Visits to Poland
  3. Andrei Gorkovoi (Slavic and Baltic): Macro-Conflict and Micro-History: The Civil War and the Establishment of the Soviet Power in Leonid Leonov’s The Badgers

4:00-5:30 Germanic Studies Graduate Student Research Forum