In/Between 2021 will feature a virtual undergraduate poster session. We're excited to have our students share their work!

Friday, March 5


[draft schedule as of 2/12/2021]

Elma Abdulbaki
“Heroines, Martyrs, and Cannibals: The Myths of Female Bodies during the September Massacres”
(advisor: Yann Robert)

Hannah Ellis
“The Impact of American Culture on French Understanding of their Legal System”
(advisor: Yann Robert)

Sarah Hassan
“Effects of bilingualism on grammar learning in a semi-artificial language experiment”
(advisor: Kara Morgan-Short)

Victoria Ogunniyi
“Neural oscillations as predictors of variability in second language learning”
(advisor: Kara Morgan-Short)

Emily Rangel
“Literature and the Social Context of Mental Illness in Nineteenth-Century France”
(advisor: Margaret Miner)


updated 2/12/21