Alterities: Different Kinds of Difference

Thurs, February 25

8:45 Coffee (1501 UH)

9:00 Welcome Remarks (1501 UH)

9:15-10:30 Performance, Justice, and the Militant (1501 UH)

  1. Yann Robert (French & Francophone), Players at the Bar: The Eighteenth Century’s Invention of the Modern Lawyer
  2. Vadim Shkolnikov (Slavic & Baltic), Terror and Nostalghia: Andrei Tarkovsky in Italy
  3. John Ireland (French & Francophone), “I hate actors and spectators too”: Self and Other in Armand Gatti’s Militant Theater

10:00-11:30 Undergrad Research Poster Session (1650 UH)

  1. Sarah Lee (Major: Neuroscience; Minor: Russian), Flooding and Its Cultural Legacy in pre-Revolutionary Russia
  2. Yadira Montoya (Majors: Spanish and Communication; Minor: Psychology), Negative Concord across Domains
  3. John Stachelski (Major: Russian; Minor: Creative Writing), The Meek Speak Louder than Bombs: Vonnegut in Russia and Cold War Literature
  4. Elizabeth Swanson (Major: Germanic Studies; Minors in Linguistics & International Studies), The Acceptance of Refugees by German Right-Wing Political Parties

10:45-12:00 Mediating the Human and the Divine (1501 UH)

  1. Rosie Hernandez (Hispanic & Italian), Performing the Radical Other: The Virgin of the Immaculate Conception in the Spanish Comedia
  2. Emanuela Carney (Hispanic & Italian), Front and Center on the Florentine Stage: Identity, Alterity, and the Pursuit of Saintliness in Antonia Pulci’s Fifteenth-century Religious Plays.
  3. Ellen McClure (French & Francophone), Kingship, Religion, and the Impossibility of Neo-Platonism in Honoré d’Urfé’s L’Astrée

12-1 Lunch (1650 UH)

1-2:15 The Human (1501 UH)

  1. Gabriel Riera (Hispanic & Italian), “How not to speak”: Alterity, the Othersame, the Sameother and Some Hypotheses on Generic Humanity in the Age of Dispossessing Capitalism
  2. Abby Stahl (Language and Culture Learning Center), Furry Foils: Cats as Human Analogs in the Encyclopédie
  3. Colleen McQuillen (Slavic & Baltic), The Soviet Posthuman and Environmental Science Fiction

2:30-3:45 Language and Representation (1501 UH)

  1. Augustin Leroy (French & Francophone), Cendre(s), Power, Grief and Tragedy in Racine’s Andromache
  2. Sharon Weiner (Germanic), Id/Entity Crisis: Language and Trauma in Ingeborg Bachmann’s Malina
  3. Zach Fitzpatrick (Germanic), “Turkish” is the New German: Reconfiguring Masculinity in Contemporary German Film

4:00 Keynote Address (Daley Library, Conference Room 1-470)

Welcome Remarks: Imke Meyer, Director

Introduction: Colleen McQuillen, Associate Director

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Caryl Emerson
A. Watson Armour III University Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures Emeritus, Princeton University

Bakhtin on the Actor and the Role
(the most intimate self-other relation)

A reception will follow the keynote.

Fri, February 26

9:00-10:15 Sensoria of Difference and Distance (1501 UH)

  1. Margaret Miner (French & Francophone), Sensing Others: Flânerie and Flight
  2. Rob Ryder (Germanic), The Echo of the Other in Kafka and Eich’s Animals
  3. Liz McManus (French & Francophone), Fear and Loathing in 19th-century Paris: Hallucination and the Piranesian Myth

10:30-11:45 World Literature and Translation (1501 UH)

  1. Anna Guillemin (Germanic), Mediating Alterities Through World Literature: Hofmannsthal and the Great War
  2. Julia Vaingurt (Slavic & Baltic), Langston Hughes Translating Mayakovsky
  3. Michal Pawel Markowski (Slavic & Baltic), Alien, Foreign, Other: Remarks on the Politics of Translation

12:00-1:15 Lunch (1650 UH)

1:30-2:45 Family and Power (1501 UH)

  1. Emily Gessman (Germanic), Where Did the Love Go? The “Unhappy Marriage”, Bildungsbürgertum, and Alternative Partnerships
  2. Adrian Chubb (Germanic), No Power to the People: Failed Enlightenment Promises of Mozart’s The Magic Flute
  3. Imke Meyer (Germanic), Other Selves: Uncanny Children in Fin-de-Siècle Vienna

1:30-2:45 Bilingualism and Language Production (1750 UH)

  1. Rodrigo Delgado, Lucia Badiola-Maguregui, Ariane Sande Pineiro, and Sara Stefanich (Hispanic & Italian), Code-switching Attitudes
  2. Simon Zuberek (Linguistics), The Effectiveness of Pronunciation Training Software in ESL Oral Fluency Development
  3. Irene Finistrat-Martinez (Hispanic & Italian), Requests and Refusals among Bilingual Mexican-Americans

3:00-4:30 Altered States of Mind (1501 UH)

  1. Andrzej Brylak (Slavic & Baltic), Is Poland Unbearable while Sober? The Birth of Polish Gonzo
  2. Andrei Gorkovoi (Slavic & Baltic), Angel of Poison: Addiction as a Deal with the Devil in Jerzy Pilch’s The Mighty Angel
  3. Dag (Sasha) Lindskog (Slavic & Baltic), Witkacy: Graphomania, Homeopathy, Embodiment
  4. Anton Svynarenko (Slavic & Baltic), The ‘Wreck’ in Recreation: Drinking through the Child’s Eyes in John Cheever’s Stories

4:30-6:00 Closing reception (1650 UH)