Pre-2014 Conferences


  • 2013 – W.J.T. Mitchell (University of Chicago)
    “Seeing Madness”
  • 2012 – Geoff Harpham (National Humanities Center)
    “Finding Ourselves: The Humanities as a Discipline.”
  • 2011 – Sidonie Smith (University of Michigan)
    “Outside the Box, Inside the New School of Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics at UIC”
  • 2010 – Lenore Grenoble (University of Chicago)
    “Living on Thin Ice: Language, Culture & Identity in a Changing Arctic Environment”;
  • Jordana Mendelson (New York University)
    “Reframing the Document: The Manifesto/Portraits of Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel in the 1930s”