All events take place in 1501 UH unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, April 11

8:45 • coffee and light pasteries

9:15-10:30 • Voicing and Silencing Narratives (Chair: Karina Hoffmann)

  • Adrian Chubb (Germanic Studies)
    “You keep out of this” – Silence, violence and [the lack of] pain in Günter Grass’s Local Anesthetic
  • Zachary Fitzpatrick (Germanic Studies)
    New Media, New Perspectives: Public Funding and the Redefining of Germanness on YouTube
  • Krishni Burns (Classics and Mediterranean Studies)
    The Living Odyssey Project: Preliminary Results

10:45-12:00 • Breaking and Remaking Norms (Chair: Katarzyna Bojarska)

  • Michał Markowski (Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures)
    Modern Hatred, or When Life Became Unbearable
  • Andrzej Brylak (Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures)
    Prostheses, Caretakers, Editors, and other Mediations: Leo Lipski’s Creative Process
  • Sara Hall (Germanic Studies)
    Babylon Berlin: Pastiching Weimar Cinema

12:00-1:00 • Lunch and Undergraduate Research Poster Session [1750 UH]

1:00-2:15 • Interrupted Expectations (Chair: Michał Markowski)

  • Katarzyna Bojarska (Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures)
    Art that interacts with memory: the painful in-betweenness and the possibilities of self-criticism
  • Dianna Niebylski (Hispanic and Italian Studies)
    Lucrecia Martel’s Zama: An Adaptation
  • David Rodriguez (Hispanic and Italian Studies)
    El cerco de Numancia: The Subversive Interactions of Miguel de Cervantes

 2:30-3:45 • Interactions in Linguistic Use (Chair: Iwona Lech)

  • Giedrius Subačius (Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures)
    Points in historical sociolinguistics on the 19th century Lithuanian manuscripts
  • Lidia Aguilera Lora (Hispanic and Italian Studies)
    Pronoun use among third generation Spanish-speakers in Chicago
  • José Sequeros-Valle (Hispanic and Italian Studies)
    Discourse-free Intonation at the Spanish Left Periphery

 4:00-6:00 • Keynote [Institute for the Humanities, Stevenson Hall]

  • Barbara Di Eugenio (UIC Computer Science)
    MyPHA: Mediating the language of doctors, nurses and patients

Friday, April 12

9:30 • coffee and light pasteries

10:00-10:45 • The Traverse of Meaning (Chair: Daiva Litvinskaite)

  • Patrick Fortmann (Germanic Studies)
    The Stillbirth of World Literature in 1835/36: Goethe’s Idea and German Censorship
  • Brian Zdancewicz (Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures)
    Lexical Borrowing in Russian and Polish from Scythians to Selfies

11:00-12:15 • Style, Subversion, and Self (Chair: Yann Robert)

  • Raisa Shapiro (Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures)
    “The peculiar turns of that potentially revelation-bearing utterance”: Buber-Rosenzweig Leitwort Style and the Task of Translating Bruno Schulz
  • Sebastián Eddowes Vargas (Hispanic and Italian Studies)
    Teatro La Plaza: An Unconventional Strategy for Public Debate
  • John Ireland (French and Francophone Studies)
    Missed Interaction: Malraux’s Aborted French Resistance Novel

12:15-1:15 • Lunch [1750 UH]

1:15-2:45 • Interactions in Language Learning (Chair: Briana Villegas)

  • David Abugaber (Hispanic and Italian Studies)
    Implicit Learning in an Artificial Language: A Replication and Extension of Batterink et al. (2014)
  • Claudia Fernández (Hispanic and Italian Studies)
    Reinas sin corona: Structured Input activities and their underestimated role in instruction
  • Angela Betancourt and Megan Marshall (Hispanic and Italian Studies)
    Addressing intra-Latino racism: A curricular unit for heritage speaker courses

3:00-5:00 • Academic Publishing Roundtable


  • Elizabeth Loentz (Germanic Studies)
  • John Ireland (French and Francophone Studies)
  • Kara Morgan-Short (Hispanic and Italian Studies)
  • Dianna Niebylski (Hispanic and Italian Studies)

Open to all graduate students!