Undergraduate Research Poster Session

Undergraduate presenters for In/Between

Caila Dela Cruz: “The Works of Liliane Atlan: Rethinking the way we think about and teach the Holocaust”

Adam Guidarini: “Translating Pievepelago During the Second World War”

Diana Helwink: “At Home, Abroad: Exile, Time, and Memory in Nabokov and Gazdanov”

Zoie Meyers: “Post-Nazi German Discourses of “Foreignness” in Film and Popular Media”

Aletia Rebollar: “Discourse Sensitive Clitic-doubled dislocations in Heritage Spanish”

Priya Thakkar: “The Effect of Light Spectrum on Reading Times and Comprehension.”

Bernadette Wilczek: “Reading Bruno Schulz’s ‘Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass’ as a Politically Engaged Text”