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All sessions will take place via Zoom: go.uic.edu/join-inbetween2021

Monday, March 1

Faculty Book Showcase 1


Moderator: Keith Budner (Hispanic and Italian Studies)
  • Rosilie Hernández
    Immaculate Conceptions: The Power of the Religious Imagination in Early Modern Spain (U of Toronto P, 2019)
  • Michał Markowski
    Wojny nowoczesnych plemion. Spór o rzeczywistość w epoce populizmu [Wars of Modern Tribes. Arguing about Reality in the Times of Populism] (Karakter, 2019 )
  • Ellen McClure
    The Logic of Idolatry in Seventeenth-Century French Literature (Boydell & Brewer, 2020 )
  • Zinon Papakonstantinou
    Cursing for Justice: Magic, Disputes, and the Lawcourts in Classical Athens (Franz Steiner Verlag, 2021 )

Between East and West, Europe and Asia [paper panel]


Moderator: Roselyne E. Gérazime (French and Francophone Studies)
  • “Lyrical Exchanges between West and East: Goethe’s Divan and Heine’s Response 200 years thereafter”
    Patrick Fortmann (Germanic Studies)
  • Until the End of Days (1961): Race, Melodrama, and Ornamentalism in Hong Kong and Germany”
    Zach Fitzpatrick (Germanic Studies)
  • “Troubled Translations: The many mediations of queer life in Alireza Shojaian’s The Mirror
    Artie Foster (Art History)

Tuesday, March 2

(The) Pandemic [paper panel]


Moderator: Margarita Saona (Hispanic and Italian Studies)
  • “The relevance of linguistic and cross-cultural appropriateness in communication during the Coronavirus pandemic for individuals with limited proficiency in the economically dominant language”
    PIs: Liliana Sánchez (Hispanic and Italian Studies), Helen Koulidobrova (Central Connecticut State University)
    RAs: Lidia Aguilera (Hispanic and Italian Studies), Melizabeth Santos (Curriculum and Instruction), Keyra Colon (Central Connecticut State University)
  • “Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice as a Novel of the Plague: The Cholera in Hamburg and Venice”
    Karina Duncker-Hoffmann (Germanic Studies)
  • Aufklärungsfilm: Mediating Social Hygiene through Film”
    Anne Wooten (Germanic Studies)
  • “Pandemic Feels – Individuals, Collectives, and Art in Expression – Project Design in the Online Classroom”
    Duosi Meng (Linguistics)

Women (writers) and the public sphere [paper panel]


Moderator: Karen Underhill (Polish, Russian, and Lithuanian Studies)
  • “Marx, Meinhof, and Misogyny: How Günter Grass denies women participation in the public sphere”
    Adrian Chubb (Germanic Studies)
  • “Sophie von La Roche: Female Self-Fashioning in the Enlightenment Age”
    Maryann Piel (Germanic Studies)

Wednesday, March 3

Faculty Book Showcase 2


Moderator: John Ireland (French and Francophone Studies)
  • Tatjana Gajic
    Paradoxes of Stasis: Literature, Politics, and Thought in Francoist Spain (U Nebraska P, 2019)
  • Steven Marsh
    Spanish Cinema against Itself: Cosmopolitanism, Experimentation, Militancy (Indiana UP, 2020 )
  • Giedrius Subačius
    Simono Daukanto Rygos ortografia (1827–1834) [Simonas Daukantas’s Rīga Orthography (1827–1834)] (Institute of Lithuanian History, 2018)
  • Luis López
    Bilingual Grammar: Toward an Integrated Model (Cambridge UP, 2020 )

Language Learning [paper panel]


Moderator: Dolly Weber (French and Francophone Studies)
  • “More than Knowledge: The Case for Peer Tutoring in Collaborative Language Learning”
    Juanita Calvo and Lisa James (Language Culture and Learning Center, Hispanic and Italian Studies)
  • “Ashamed and Shamed: Guilt as a Motivation in Korean Adult Heritage Language Learning”
    Hanae Kim (Linguistics)
  • “What do evidence-accumulation models of cognition say about how we should design L2 learning tasks?”
    David Abugaber (Hispanic Linguistics)

Thursday, March 4

Revolutions [paper panel]


Moderator: Julia Vaingurt (Polish, Russian, and Lithuanian Studies)
  • “The Ekphrastic Bomb: Bely’s Petersburg and Visual Medium”
    Hannah Gadbois (Art History)
  • “Crash and Burn? Thoughts on the Future of Classics”
    Young Richard Kim (Classics and Mediterranean Studies)
  • “Heritages Unmasked: On the Difficulty of Staying Green”
    Margaret Miner (French and Francophone Studies)
  • In Celebration of October Revolution: Natan Altman, New Realism, and the Mythic Space
    Nadia Gribkova (Art History)

The Right Wing and the Media [roundtable]


Organizer and Moderator: Susanne Rott (Germanic Studies)
  • José Camacho (Hispanic and Italian Studies)
  • Chiara Fabbian (Hispanic and Italian Studies)
  • Young Kim (Classics and Mediterranean Studies)
  • Imke Meyer (Germanic Studies)
  • Ellen McClure (French and Francophone Studies)
  • Andrew Rojecki (Communication)

Friday, March 5

Undergraduate Student Research [virtual poster session]


Moderator: David Miller (Hispanic and Italian Studies)

For details see the dedicated page.

Publishing in Scholarly Journals [professional development roundtable]


Organizer and Moderator: Elizabeth Loentz (Germanic Studies)
  • John Ireland (French and Francophone Studies)
  • Imke Meyer (Germanic Studies)
  • Kara Morgan-Short (Hispanic and Italian Studies)


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